Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Ranger Came Calling

We have enjoyed reading the book, "Red Ranger Came Calling," by Berkeley Breathed for a few years now. We pull it out around Thanksgiving and read it a couple of times before Christmas. It's a beautifully illustrated book about a boy who is shipped off by his parents to visit his Aunt Vy on Vashon Island (right here in our area) during Christmas vacation in 1939.

He is into a character called Red Ranger of Mars, protector of the 25th Century. The newest thing in 1939 was an Official Buck Tweed, two-speed, crime-stopper, star-hopper bicycle. Red, of course. And the little boy is called, "Red," and has red hair and a fiery temper to match. He meets up with an old man named Saunder Clos who the locals say is the real deal retired from the North Pole to Vashon. Red is prepared to unmask the phony.

It's a heartwarming story, complete with a little piece of evidence that suggests the story is true.

So I was REALLY excited when I found out a local theater company was doing a play based on the book.  I can't even remember how I found out about it, but I immediately looked for how to get tickets, etc. The dates worked out for us, so I was ready to purchase.

I decided to "friend" them on Facebook, and found on their profile page that redheads could get in for a discounted price of $10. And even if you didn't have natural red hair, you could dye your hair, get a wig, wear yarn hair, whatever, and get that discount.

Well, that was just icing on my cake. Anytime there is a chance to have a little silly fun I'm in. And believe me, a discount can send my heart racing.

I envisioned a troop of redheads in our party, and I was likely to be the only natural redhead in the bunch. I talked Sean into a wig in the beginning, but he changed his mind and wanted to dye part of his hair red. I was fine with that as long as it was temporary. My boyfriend wore a red wig, Sean dyed the top part of his hair with red hair gel, Lilly (my boyfriend's little girl) put a red streak in her hair, and my aunt and cousin went with their regular look. Not as many redheads as I thought, but still just fine.

The promotion was only through the Facebook page, so there weren't many in the audience who had taken advantage of it.

The play was incredible. It was a musical, which I didn't expect. Honestly, I'm usually not that into musicals, but this one was really good. My joy came from watching Sean thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. Each actor did such a great job and really brought the book to life.

Sean knows the story so well, I'm sure he could anticipate what was coming next. To have it all right there bigger than life for him was so much fun!

I loved that it was a Christmas story, but so different.
I feel so blessed to live here. There are some really rich and top-notch arts opportunities here.

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