Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Vision for Sean

I recently attended a meeting with some school district folks and the teachers and principal of Sean's school.
I won't go into the whole thing here, as it would be boring for most people who have no connection to a public school. However, I was there to speak, and pretty much shared a very brief version of the Montessori journey that we've had up to now. I made clear my commitment to giving Sean a Montessori education.
At the end of that, and I was the last speaker, I said I had made a list of what I want for Sean. I believe Montessori will provide these things for him, and I then read the list. One of the district people asked for a copy of it, and then I heard feedback from some parents and teachers about it, so I decided to share it here with anyone who might be reading this blog.

Things I want for Sean:
CHOICE. Empowerment.  Peace. Love of learning. Freedom. Ownership.
A feeling of responsibility for his own education.
Excitement for each thing in his environment and each thing he is learning. Awareness of the world around him, feeling connected to every living thing.
A sense of awe of the universe.
Pride in his ability and work ethic that is intrinsic and not from outside of himself.
A focus on the effort, not the test score or the grade on a paper or report card.
The ability to adapt to different situations and people.
Basic manners, and respect.
How to recognize emotions and deal with them in a constructive and healthy way.
Respect for adults, but not dependence on their ideas and opinions.
Respect for peers, no matter what their challenges may be.
The ability to look at a challenge in his life and figure out a way to meet it, and tackle it.
Know how to work with a team and also work alone, and know when to rely on another person.
Philanthropy, or at least how to recognize injustice and need, and go about formulating a plan to help others.
A sense of contentment for who he is, not striving to be someone he is not.
A hunger for knowledge, and a desire to be a lifelong learner.

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions
 in which they can learn. – Einstein

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