Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stepping back

Sean loves to bake, and he especially loves to operate our mixer.
Here he is making chocolate chip cookies. I spooned them out and baked them, because he was too busy doing other things. They were "mouth watering good," he said.
Our Christmas season has been full. He has done a little bit of work, but most of December has been packed with activities and my deadlines.
I'm struggling with how to make this whole homeschool thing work, yet not completely kill myself in the process. I've decided I have to slow down, step back, and not put so much pressure on myself. That's first. Then I have to honestly evaluate if this is working for us.
I work very hard. Some weeks are just crazy, and it seems I'm at the computer almost 24-7. It is difficult for him because I can't give him the attention he wants. Then he starts getting distracted, making his way to the toy room, or bringing something into the work area.
Just when I start to think it isn't working, and internally I'm having a conversation with myself about what is best for both of us, and how I might not be giving him what he needs, it's like he's reading my mind.
Today he asked a question about when Jesus was born, and was it before the dinosaurs. I started to review with him what the first life forms were, and he proceeded to fill in the blanks of how the universe was formed, how the amoeba was the first life, and we had to have plants before dinosaurs so they would have something to eat, and people weren't on earth with dinosaurs, because they came after, etc.
And I thought, "What 7 yo in a public school knows that?" Maybe there are some, but I doubt they are getting it at school.
So we just keep doing what we do, and I keep hoping that I'm doing the right thing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Read a book, and another, and another

This must be Sean's sensitive period for reading. He is devouring books since he realized he can read the various levels of "I can Read" books. We went to the library for a Gingerbread House activity today and while we waited for it to begin he shopped for books. He read one while we waited, and seems to want more and more. He has always loved books, but says that is his favorite work now. It is sometimes hard to do, but if he pronounces a word wrong, I don't correct him. I wait to see if he figures it out on his own. He almost always does. And as I listen to him read, I learn which words we need to work on. Such as the tough ones in our language that have silent letters in them. Straight, weight, slight, physics, etc.

At the local library, our favorite place these days.

We had a lot of fun during the Gingerbread House making activity. It was all Sean's design, I was the apprentice, helping spackle the frosting onto various pieces of candy. Sean wanted a window upstairs, a front door to match, and pillars at the front. We got a bunch of books while we were there too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Real life lesson

I don't have a picture to go with this post, though I did have my camera. Space was tight and opportunities for photos were low.
Sean and I spent the morning at our local food bank helping stock the shelves. We are fortunate to have a food bank here, because the assumption is that there are no poor people living here. Some people from our church started the F.I.S.H. Food Bank in our town some years ago. We saw today that it is filled to the brim with donations, and is serving the people in need.
There was a bit of drama at the place, and for that I am sorry. I was saddened by an exchange that I overheard there between two workers. I plan to talk to some people at church about it, in hopes that something can be done to help with the problem. I think there are some people still involved, but I don't think the director goes to our church.
Anyway, one of the newspapers I freelance for was helping out today, so we signed up.
I saw that they can definitely use some help, and if it works out, maybe Sean and I will start going there on Fridays to help out. (If the atmosphere is better next time we go)
Sean helped put a few things on shelves, but mostly talked with one of the older gentlemen there about Star Wars while I put things away.
I was surprised to see all sorts of things on the shelves, from soap and cat litter to pet food and clothing, draperies and dish detergent.
Sean understood why we were there. I think this is something we will just put on our calendar and make a weekly activity.