Monday, December 20, 2010

Already thinking of the return

Sean has just started holiday break and I'm already thinking of all the work that has to be done as soon as we return from break.
Our site council will meet with the principal to discuss colors for the new school being built this spring/summer, and we are still waiting to hear about the math waiver. We'll also be getting a schedule of parent education for the rest of the year and choosing topics, speakers, etc.

Oh, and in the meantime I'm supposed to be writing a grant. I'm hoping to kick into high gear today or tomorrow on that. It's for an Interfaith Youth Camp.
Luckily my boyfriend has written and gotten grants, so I'll rely on him a bit to give me advice.
I'll be taking off for a while from the blog, unless we run into some great educational things while we're on break. There's a trip to Tennessee coming soon, and we always gravitate toward the educational outings. Stay tuned for pictures and info on a fossil site...

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