Saturday, February 1, 2014

To All Homeschooling Parents

Your performance as a guide/teacher has not gone unnoticed.
Your dedication, perseverance, patience, and your ability to spark a chid's interest in learning is admirable and inspiring.

You spend your days not only guiding children and presenting lessons, but cutting out materials, laminating, arranging, rotating, and researching them. You comparison shop, maybe even spend hours upon hours creating materials. You take the children on field trips, and you look for ways to supplement the work you are doing with them to reinforce the learning.

You worry, you doubt yourself, doubt your abilities, wonder if you are doing the right thing for the children. You look for resources to help you do your job even better than you already are.

Each day you come to work ready to do the job, and on weekends you continue to inspire children to not only learn and practice grace and courtesy, but to navigate the world and have the skills to collaborate and get along with others. You work with them to express their feelings instead of lashing out, and you help them learn how to become independent, life-long learners.

You are the guide/teacher, the mediator, the cook, the nurse, the custodian, the counselor, the bookkeeper, the secretary, and the specialist. Your days "off" from your teaching/guiding job are filled with more duties and demands.

Though you are guiding your students to be appreciative and kind, you rarely get a thank you from anyone, or an acknowledgement for your commitment to this important job.
And so this is to serve as that acknowledgement.

Your abilities as a guide are amazing. You are doing the right thing for your students. You do a great job of researching and finding bargains on materials. You are so talented at creating materials. Everything that you have for your students is enough. Whatever you don't have will not harm their education. You are making the right decisions. You know your students better than anyone else does. You know what they need. Your commitment will pay off in spades. Your students will thank you someday.

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