Monday, February 17, 2014

Fraction circles

When the math tutor arrives I usually retreat to the couch and plug in my ear phones on the laptop. It is my Downton Abbey time, because I don't want to be a distraction. It's a great time for me to plug in and escape since we can't get the station that airs Downton Abbey on Sunday nights.
I occasionally pause the show and turn down the volume enough to listen to something Sean and his tutor are working on. It's usually some type of algebra, and just recently they've been working on fractions.

Today I plugged in my ear phones, and watched a bit of Downton. Then I noticed the fire was waning, so I unplugged and gave the fire a nudge and heard Corey say, "Why don't we get that fraction circles tray."
Music to my ears.

I bought the fraction circles last year, and I'm so glad we have them. It haven't spent a ton on materials, but sometimes it feels like they are just sitting on the shelves not being used. So to see Sean actively working with them today was great.

I asked Corey if I should get the fraction skittles that go along with it, and he said only if I find a set for a cheap price. He said they are really not used very much, but the fraction circles can be used over and over again. I found some on Jump Start Montessori on sale. If you're interested, you can find them here.
These fraction circles are plastic, and include the whole all the
way down to 1/10. I must have gotten these through Alison's Montessori.
I notice it says for age group 6-9 years, but he is using these for math
work in Upper El also.

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