Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deadlines and VBS

This week has been nuts. I've been working on deadline, and Sean has had VBS. It was a trying week for both of us, and I'm not sure why. He invited a neighbor to come with him to VBS, and that worked out great. They both had fun.
The theme was iGogreen, and it was all about recycling and taking care of the Earth. It tied in Bible scriptures and they did all kinds of crafts with different recyclable materials.
It did extend the day together for them, though. I took them and picked them up, and then they wanted to play together longer. I had to have a talk with Sean about recognizing when he's getting tired, hungry, or just needs a break. He tends to keep going even when he's starting to lose it. He got a little aggressive the other day and I had to intervene when the friend ended up with a bump on the head.
Summer seems to be flying by. It's already almost August and I feel like summer is almost over, but it has just started for us. Really, we've finally had some sunshine and warm days. Most everything is about three weeks behind as far as gardens, etc. Just this week we had a day that barely saw 60 degrees. In fact, I'm not sure it got to 60 that day.
We're getting ready for another great week of camp. He'll be attending Literature Camp this week at the Montessori school. Not sure if there will be much photo worthy there, but if there is I'll post some of it here.

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