Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Positive Identification

In my previous post I talked about our trip to the local farmers market, and how we brought home a critter that was inadvertently put on the grill during a cooking demonstration.

This is the little guy we brought home.

It didn't take Sean very long to identify it using our Mac's Field Guide.
It's a Mossy Chiton.

We really enjoy that field guide because it's a single card laminated with really nice, detailed illustrations.
I'm not getting paid by Mac's Field Guide to say any of this, we really do like it.
I've decided to step back and look at what we're doing for homeschool and what is and isn't working, so we're taking a little break. I'm not going to ask him to "work" for a couple of weeks and see what happens.
At breakfast he did some math. He frequently asks me what does ___ plus___ equal, and I always have him work it on his own using whatever he needs to do so. I offer material suggestions while acting very interested in what the answer could be.
He read a book to me at lunch, and then we ran some errands before I had to take off to a meeting.  
After lunch he went outside and found these guys on a toy truck.
Charlotte was here!
Not trying to creep anyone out here, but it was an interesting find. Interesting too that they almost exactly match the yellow on the truck.
In case you can't tell, we do live among the fir trees and pastures, and frequently have visitors such as these at our house. Sean was concerned about them and went out to check on them several times before we left the house. He noticed they would huddle together, then if he touched the web they would scatter.
A couple of years ago he found a garter snake in the yard. He wanted one last year but never found any, and is already talking about finding one this summer.

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