Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's what we've been doing lately.
We took some pictures of an inchworm that hopped a ride on my shirt while I was working in the yard.
We took a road trip on Mother's Day to a reptile zoo.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle.

A very cute tortoise.

Another one.

Emerald Tree Boa, I think.

The very friendly and mischievous albino corn snake. It eventually slithered into Sean's sleeve and wouldn't come out. When we would finally get it's upper body out, it would try to get into his pants pocket.
We also took a trip to our local zoo recently with another homeschool family. We've been to the library stocking up on his latest interest--ships. Last week we worked quite a bit with the stamp game, and he has been doing great with his new watch. He's always done things in his own time (no pun intended there) and the whole clock concept finally clicked. He likes looking at his watch to tell me what time it is. He works on cursive letters and we've made it to D so far. 
Today we signed up for some great summer camps at his old Montessori school and we both are excited about that.

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  1. I'm not even sure how I ended up at your blog, but I noticed you must be near me when you mentioned the school closing. I'm in the PacNW too, and totally scored at that school as well! It's nice seeing another Montessori inspired homeschool. You guys are a few years ahead of us, and it's fun to glimpse our future.