Thursday, November 14, 2013

Verb tense work, a matching game

The other day we worked with a free download that I got from Montessori For Everyone called Verb Tenses Beginning. I wanted to start simple to see where he needs to work, and what we can breeze on past.

This exercise includes simple phrases that I printed onto card stock and cut out for him to place in the correct column. The columns are labeled Simple Present, Simple Past, Future.

He did well with that exercise, and it helped me see where he struggles. There are some tricky words that get confusing for him. I think they are a bit confusing for some grownups I know. And I've had to stop and think on some of them sometimes as well.

One of them is cost.

So if we are talking about something in the present tense, i.e. it is happening now, we say,
"This item costs $5."
If we are talking about something we just bought, or bought yesterday, etc. something in the past, we say,
"This item cost $5."

If we are talking about the future, we say,
"This item will cost $5."

I'm not sure if the word eat is always a troublesome one for  him. He seemed a bit distracted today, so I can't be certain, but it caused him problems.
I have a feeling some of those words that completely change form in the past tense are a trouble spot.

Eat gets changed to ate when we are talking about the past.
And it can change totally when we talk about the future.
She will have eaten 500 calories if she finishes that pie.

So these verb tense activities will be our language work for a while. I downloaded the Verb Tenses Advanced and plan to introduce that as soon as I'm confident he understands these tricky words.

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