Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reptiles are so much fun

This week we visited Camp Seymour for a day of reptiles and archery.

He truly loves these things. He'd sleep with them if I'd let him.
I've written about these homeschool group days before, and this is our third time going. It never disappoints. Camp Seymour hosts these instructional days for local homeschoolers, for a nominal fee.

For some reason it is always colder at Camp Seymour than it is at our house. Maybe because the camp is so close to the water. And the wind was blowing, and I think the temp got to about 44 degrees F.

I was very happy to go inside the reptile house and stay warm for a while.

There were a lot of snakes, a couple of turtles, a skink, and a bearded dragon. Sean was in heaven. It was really cool. These creatures just aren't what you typically get to interact with out in the world. He held everything at least once.

Matt and Amelia, our instructors, started with the information about what makes a reptile a reptile, and explained the four characteristics: They are cold blooded, they hatch from eggs, they have scales, and bones.  Once the kids had all of that info, Matt pulled out the poster that listed all of the rules. The kids read the rules out loud, and Matt and Amelia explained why it was so important to follow each rule.

There were probably 20 kids, at least. It was a full room.

I connected with a new homeschooling mom and had a nice chat, and I also connected with one of my friends from Geiger. We sat at the same lunch table and had a nice time talking, and Sean and her son sat together, along with Sean's new friend Olivia.

Archery was fun, but I was miserably cold. I was so happy that Sean was ready to go once he had finished shooting. They offered everyone to get back in line and do it again, but he was done.
My little archer. It's in his DNA, but he is
a really good shot.
Sean is already skilled at archery because he got a compound bow for his birthday, and we visit the range weekly.

I feel so blessed to live in an area that supports homeschoolers, and offers such great programs.
Thank you, as always, Camp Seymour! Your staff members who work with our homeschooled children and their parents are amazing!

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