Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Island Hop

So on Friday we took off for Vashon Island to see the bicycle in the tree.
We've been wanting to see this for a while. We've been reading a book by Berkeley Breathed, "Red Ranger Came Calling," for a few years. You can read about it and other Berkeley Breathed books here. 
I've blogged about this before, and our excursion to Seattle to see the play based on the book put on by Book-It Theatre. (Lots of fun!!)
You can read more about Book-It Repertory Theatre here.
Since reading the book and seeing the play this Christmas we've talked about exploring Vashon to find the bicycle. Last week Chuck was off, I had a little bit of time, and Lilly was here for a few extra days. It was the perfect time to go.
The weather was awesome! We've had a lot of rain, but Friday was beautiful.
If you ever get to Vashon and want to see the bicycle, go to the left as you exit the ferry and keep going until you come to a stop sign. Stop at the little store on the left side of the road for directions.
We pulled into the parking lot of an old broken down building and the bicycle was in the forest behind that building.
Here's a little tour in pictures:
Almost ready to dock on Vashon Island.

A tiny creek, or wet area, you must pass over to get to the tree with the bike.
There it is. Real. And old.

Lunch break.

We went to see the lighthouse on Maury Island.
It was closed until May. We did enjoy the beach.
Sean loves it. He'd rather be on the beach than anywhere, I think.
He found some friends.
Lilly found some ladybugs.
I found this really cool log to photograph.
This container ship passed by and created big waves.
The kids played in the surf and got completely soaked and filthy.
Lilly opted out of that kind of fun.
We had a great day. We left the car below and went up on deck
to enjoy some scenery.
The ferry ride was short and a bit breezy.

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