Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School business

Sean's teacher mentioned she was attending a seminar on children and trauma, and I was anxious to hear how it went. She sent a newsletter home with information about it, and asked for anyone who could teach the children stretching exercises. She said she learned in the seminar that it helps the children come back into their bodies.
So I suggested to Sean that he could teach some Yoga because he had it at his previous school. He wanted us to teach them together. So I cleared it with the teacher and we did an hour or so of Yoga with small groups last week. Some of them were more receptive than others.
I want to continue to do it as long as they are interested. I believe it is beneficial in so many ways.

We reached a crescendo last week so I was really ready for Spring Break.
We've been unsure of the status of the new school. We were scheduled to break ground on the new building on our site this month. Now there is talk of other alternatives, and it has everyone really stressed and concerned about where our kids will be attending school, and whether the public Montessori program will fail.
I really don't think it will fail, but I'm also concerned about too many moves for teachers and students.
As chair of the site council I invited another school's site council to join us for a joint meeting, and also invited the superintendent of the school district to come talk with us about dreams for Montessori in the district.
Both meetings went well, and I hope we can begin to collaborate more with the other Montessori public school. I also hope to invite the superintendent to more discussions as well. He is very approachable, open to suggestions and willing to explore new ideas.
It looks as if we will probably move to another school for a year, then hopefully move back to our site and into a new building.

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