Friday, January 7, 2011

Tour of the firehouse

Before we left on vacation my boyfriend invited us to tour the fire station. He is a division chief, and Sean has always loved everything about fire stations. Sean toured one when he was really little and in preschool, but I don't think he remembers a lot about it. We also stopped by a fire station not long ago and took a little walk through in Tacoma, but it was a really old station and we didn't get to see much of the equipment.
So when Chuck invited us we said yes, and I asked if we could bring Sean's friend along.
I don't think Kyle had ever toured a station and he was super excited.
Here's a little story in photos:
Asking questions and listening intently inside the Medic One unit.

Exploring the big truck.
Some of the gear.
This fireman was super nice and helped the kids try on some of the fire gear.
They had a blast and we stayed for well over an hour. They explored every truck and even got to see the jaws of life and some other heavy equipment used for rescue. Then we went inside to the workout room to look around.


  1. Super cool!!! That's something I would love to do with the boys.

  2. 2 Pequenos Traviesos,
    I don't know where you live, but it's usually really easy to get a tour of your local station. Just call ahead. Oh, and I'd also prepare the boys that if the firemen get a call for help they will have to leave immediately. Sean's class scheduled a tour at the station near the school and when they arrived the firemen were out on a call.