Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Godly Play: The Holy Family

When we change colors in the church we tell the story of the Holy Family in Godly Play.
This Sunday was the Sunday to tell this story because we were off from Sunday school the first Sunday after Christmas.

Unfortunately the donkey and cow are MIA, but for the first time I had no children in my class on Sunday. I don't know what the later service Sunday school teachers did for the cow and donkey. I hope we can find them soon. There were  a few things amiss when I came into the room, so I tried to put things back the way they were, but I'm really still learning where things go myself.

There was a major mishap a couple months ago in the late class. The desert box has residual stuff left over from that day. Styrofoam. Our whale that goes with the story of Jonah has something in the belly, and I can't remember what the teacher said got stuffed in there.

I am so thankful that my class has been very calm and the kids have been great. One Sunday I had 12 kids and one of those was special needs. I have a few who show up with various special needs, and I'm glad I always have at least one door keeper to help.

Here is where we are in our church year: The star at the top is Christmas. We're heading for Lent!
I love teaching Godly Play. It is such a treat to journey with them as they explore their faith. 


  1. I have been a Godly Play storyteller for nearly four years and absolutely love it! You will learn the ins and outs of where things go; just keep that nice gentle rhythm when you tell the stories, focus on the story (not the kids) as you tell it, and let the wondering time take the time it needs! After over 3 years of having GP curriculum, our kids absolutely love it and can tell many of the stories themselves!

    1. Hi Kyle,
      I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment when you posted it. I was away from this blog for quite some time.
      I enjoyed being a Godly Play storyteller so much. I believe it is the best curriculum for children to connect with the stories of the Bible, and also with their relationship to God.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for leaving a comment.
      I hope you will see this response,