Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Montessori in a new place

Tomorrow Sean will embark on a new journey. He will attend a public Montessori school.
I was torn with this decision, but try as I might to make a schedule work for us, I just felt like I was letting him down.
He stayed home for a year and I did my best to present materials and do what I could to keep him working on Montessori. I don't regret it at all. I think we both learned a TON this year.
But I know that my anxiety level gets higher when my work deadline arrives. I don't think he suffered really, but I kept wishing I could do more and that he had other children to collaborate with on projects. I wanted him to have the Montessori experience, and I worried that he was lonely most of the day.
I was prepared to continue doing what we had been doing into this year, but knew I was feeling a lot of guilt.
When someone mentioned a new public Montessori school in our area I decided to look into it. I spent a few weeks making this decision. We visited the school, talked to the staff, came home and thought some more. I decided we had to give it a try. I'm going to keep a close eye on the situation, and if it looks like he isn't gaining anything from being there, I'll just bring him home again.
I'm really excited about it though. I am thrilled that we are so blessed to live here and that he has the opportunity to be part of it. I am going into this with a positive outlook and expect this year to be an adjustment for everyone. For us, because we're used to a relaxed schedule, and for him especially because he has become so comfortable just staying home.
It will be an adjustment for the staff of the school also. A LOT of the teachers opted out and moved on to other schools, but Sean's teacher is new and is embracing Montessori. We met her last night, and she is happy that he has so much Montessori under his belt. I think he is the only one who has only been educated with Montessori philosophy and materials. The others have had some public school.
The teacher was eager to have me help in the classroom and offered for me to come in as often as I would like. I will do as much as possible, because I think it will help all the way around. It will make me feel connected to what Sean is doing, it will no doubt help her, and it will help Sean. I know the statistics  show the more involved the parents are in the school the better the children adjust.
Right now the school is a public school in transition. They offer the Children's House for 3-6 year olds, and the first and second grade students are together and will have Montessori guides and materials. The school goes through fifth grade, but Montessori is only offered through second grade this year. Next year they will add third grade, and the next year fourth, and so on. They will begin construction on a brand new school next year, and I hope it will be through eighth grade.
If you're interested in public Montessori, and passionate about the idea of making Montessori available to everyone, take a look at this site.
The notecards are so cool, and I plan on buying some of the reuzies and some sweatshirts soon.

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