Friday, August 6, 2010

A few lessons

I met with a Montessori teacher about a week ago to get a quick tutorial on some of the elementary materials. It was a quick one, so I didn't soak up as much as I would like to have, but I got the general idea. Enough that I can now search for instructions elsewhere and they'll make sense to me.
One of the big things on my wish list is the checkerboard. These are pretty expensive, so we don't have one.
I apologize for the glare. I think it's 7,852 (white tiles) x 4 (gray tile). 
So the beads are used with this material, and eight would go on the first green square in the 1s place, etc. I need to review it again, but it looks like so much fun if you get the hang of it.
Tiles and beads that go with it.
I've seen the board for about $80, the tiles for about $25 and the beads for $35, or something like that. We have a box of beads we could use.
I don't remember the name of this, but they find the facts that equal the same number. It's for practicing fact work in addition. We don't have this one. So, 1+2 is 3, what else equals 3? Then they cover it with a little red slip of paper. I forgot to get a picture of the control board.
The board on the right is mine, the others are hers. We don't have the tiles either. These are also for practicing facts. 
I decided to take a picture of her charts in case I wanted to make some for us.


  1. Hi Marsha! So glad to be able to visit other Elementary Montessori blogs. I've decided to visit more of these blogs and less of the 3-6 Montessori ones as a way to focus a little more and manage my time more efficiently. I began doing Montessori with my 8 year old last February. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    I've found myself spending too much time on the 3-6 stuff too. It's all so interesting, but I'm trying to find more elementary blogs.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,

  3. The boards are called Addition Practice Charts or the Finger Boards.

    The checkerboard is one of the math materials that I learned in part 1 of my summer training. I was blown away by it. There is a lot you can do with it!