Thursday, April 3, 2014

Approaching the next plane of development

Sean is transitioning to another developmental stage. I think he's embracing his tweenness. I don't think that is a word, but it is real.

So with that will come a different way of learning, I'm sure. I'll have to start reading more about the adolescent mind and how to engage him in work. So far, he still seems to be very engaged and eager to learn.

He's definitely more involved with friends. He spends a lot of time talking to them on the phone, and chatting with them on Skype.

I'm bracing myself for the teen years. Thank goodness I still have a couple of years to get ready. As I talk with other moms of boys his age, they are all either going through rough patches, or are downright off kilter. One mother said her boy has outbursts of anger and rage, hitting and yelling. I know that child, and it's difficult for me to imagine him that way.

My first boy reached puberty and became the most mellow and amazing young man. Except for getting completely bored out of his mind with middle school, he was the easiest person to be around.

Last year Sean had some anger issues, but those have all gone away this year. I attribute this change to homeschooling. He's where he needs to be, and learning what he needs to learn, and having great experiences.

Here's hoping that the transition in the next year or two will be a smooth one.

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