Friday, January 3, 2014

Breakin' it with Camp

We've been on break since Christmas Week, but I signed Sean up for some camps back at the first of December.

Of course he can start back up with his school work anytime he wants, but I figured he could use a defined number of days to relax and know that we didn't need to do "school" work.

He just finished Lego camp today, and I haven't even had a chance to ask him what they did. It's through the Bricks4Kids company. He attended their after school program last year, and did the stop-motion photography camp this summer. I knew he'd like to get back into a room filled with bins of Legos, even though his own room could be used for one of their classes ;-)

Yesterday was Eco Camp at Camp Seymour. He had done part of this instruction before, but I like the idea of repeating things, especially when there's a lot of info.

He is dissecting a squid.
He did this in fourth grade, and I plan to sign him up for it again later this month when they offer it to homeschoolers, if he's up for it.

He said they learned about salmon spawning, and went out in the big canoe. I won't post that picture because it has a ton of kids in it and I'm not sure their parents would want their photos shared.
A big than you to Jessica Smeall, recreation coordinator for Key Peninsula Parks. She advertised the camp dates and programs, and she took these pics and many more.

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