Monday, December 9, 2013

Camp Seymour Homeschool Day: Glen Cove estuary and sea life

I know I've written about this before, but the Homeschool Friday programs at Camp Seymour really are so much fun.

This month the kids were learning about the water and sea life in the estuary at Glen Cove. It was a relief to me that we would be spending the day inside. We've had freezing cold temps here lately, and we usually spend all of our time outside during these homeschool programs.

The instruction was great, as usual, and the children were able to touch the sea creatures in the touch tank, if they wished. A microscope with a camera projected onto a screen, and we were able to watch as a barnacle reached out its little foot to feed. It looked like a fan of tiny feathers.

We were told about how the sea stars eat. They basically throw their guts out and digest the food and then suck it in. Kind of gross, but still interesting. And we were able to see one doing it.

All of the sea life in the touch tank are animals that live in our Puget Sound, and we could see in the waters around where we live.

I can't begin to express how blessed we feel to live so close to this amazing program, and that it is available at all to homeschoolers. It definitely is a wonderful supplement to our at-home instruction!

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