Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where should you place that verb?

I was really not sure how much grammar and sentence structure Sean had covered in the past three years. He can write sentences, and he is great at explaining things, but we started at the beginning so I could get a sense of how much he already knows.

We started with basic 'what is a noun?' type of instruction.

He was quite bored, really. Frustrated with me for going over things he already knows. So I said, Ok, we can move forward, tell me what a verb is, tell me what an adjective is, and make a list of those.

Once that was done, we started writing a bit. I realized he could use some basics on how a sentence is structured. He tends to keep his sentences really short and simple. I've started to try to get him to use some adjectives, especially those, and some adverbs.

I think we can tackle that in different ways, and with his engineering kind of brain, I thought he might really enjoy diagraming sentences.

I introduced that today after we talked about adverbs.

I found this site online. I steer away from screen time, and do not encourage doing school work online. That is a big reason we are not doing any online curriculum.
I'm actually against it in general, but I decided this was sort of fun, and might get him started on diagraming and spark an interest.

The site takes you through a tutorial on how a sentence is diagramed, and starts with simple three-word sentences. Then it moves to more complex sentences, but not what I would call high-level grammar. The user clicks on words and moves them to the correct position on the horiaontal line, and clicks on the vertical and slanted lines to move them into the correct positions. There is only so much you can do with this site, so I'm hoping he will begin to do it on paper.

He pretty much breezed through it. I hope it gave him confidence and that he will begin to understand more about crafting a good sentence.

If he has language on his work plan tomorrow, I'll introduce this on paper.

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