Friday, September 20, 2013

Impromptu Art Tour

As we drove home from an appointment this morning, I was going over all the things we had to catch up on. We hadn't done our normal morning routine, so Sean had not read yet, and I hoped to go over a little more information on the Archean time and see if he wanted to dive deeper into cyanobacteria and do some research on that.

But I kept seeing signs along the road that said "Open Studio Art Tour." I abandoned my worrying about the "school" work and followed the signs. So glad we did it. Sean was able to look at some clay work, talk to the artist, and tour her studio. It was a small shed, but she was so great to take us around and show us where she threw clay, explain to us the type of clay she uses (paper clay) and show us her kilns. She shared loads of information with us, and we enjoyed looking at her art.
The big kiln. She was demonstrating the pins that
she places inside that indicate when the kiln is at
just the right temperature.

Once we were home Sean decided he wanted to do math. We've come up with a game using a deck of cards. I shuffle them, pull the top card, and then we do either addition, subtraction or multiplication with them. We've been doing it every day this week.

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