Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I regret that I don't have a camera right now. Some of the work Sean did today was very colorful and fun. When he was in school at the Montessori school he had Spanish class twice a week. He was there for three years, so he has been exposed to Spanish for a while.
Unfortunately, I'm not fluent in Spanish and my only class was in high school. I haven't worked with him at all on Spanish this year. But we have a book that his Nanna bought for him a few years ago called, "My first 100 Spanish Words." (I also regret that I don't have experience with Mandarin, and he took that class as an extra curricular class at the school.)
Yesterday we pulled out the Spanish words book and went through each page. The words are simple, and each page has a theme, such as The Beach, The Playground, Going to the Store, My Family, etc. At the back are lists of colors, numbers, days of the week, etc.
Today I wrote up some cards with the names of the colors on them, then pulled out items that were those colors and Sean placed the cards next to the appropriate colors. I forgot white, and when I came back into the room he had found a white envelope and had the work completed.
During our exercise yesterday I would say the day of the week in Spanish and he would tell me something special we do on each day. For example, Domingo is church day, Sabado is his favorite day because he is free to watch TV or do his work, whichever he chooses.
Today I made labels with the days of the week and he matched them to the control sheet.
His friend across the street is in public school, and comes to visit after school most days. I like to watch them interact when Sean has his work out. They enjoy talking about it, and today Sean gave the boy some new Spanish words.


  1. I hate not having a camera! Mine was broken recently and I always feel bad about my picture-less blog!

    Have you seen the Usborne language books? They have a ton of first words and other type books, along with simple picture books in spanish that are really great as well.

  2. Hi there! I just discovered your blog. It's nice to find 6-9 Montessori blogs. You're welcome to visit my blog. I homeschool 2 little rascal, 3 & 8 yo, using the Montessori method. I am bilingual, Spanish/English, being Spanish my native language. So, if you need any help in translating or materials let me know.
    Hugs from PR