Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finding our way

I am struggling with homeschooling right now. Sean doesn't seem interested in doing any work unless I am right there in the room, and I am frustrated. I can't be in the room all the time. I have to work. So he wanders aimlessly, picking up a toy, or a cat or turning on the TV while I frantically work on deadline. In those moments (days on end) I cannot be two people, so I have to focus on my work. I have tried and tried to encourage him to work on his own, to choose a work that he really finds interesting and wants to learn. He has interests, but he isn't motivated to do the work unless I'm there.
Sometimes I really wish I had a lot of money. I'd hire a Montessori certified teacher as a nanny.
The past two weeks have been very hard. I was writing and editing and putting out fires and on deadline, and he wasn't working.
We did get the cursive sandpaper letters, so he was interested in that and worked on it for a few days. He was able to practice the o, u and e.
Yesterday was a lighter work day for me, so we began with some practical things, like making his bed, putting away some clothes, and then we played a game.
Last week he mentioned the stamp game and that he has forgotten how to play it. So yesterday I had the time to look at the presentation and I said I would bring it out and present a lesson on it. He wouldn't cooperate. He wanted to watch from the couch, which meant he was looking at everything across the room-and upside down. So I asked him to please sit beside me, but he wanted to stand across the room, on the same side this time, but not beside me.
I felt myself getting frustrated. I spent two weeks working, him doing practically nothing, and me stressing and worrying that he isn't really gaining anything from doing this at home. Then when I am able to spend the time in the room, he isn't cooperative.
I said, "I'm going to put the stamp game away, and when you're ready for me to give you the lesson you can come ask me."
We went for a walk and when we got back he looked through a children's dictionary and a nature book. Those totally count, and I was happy that he chose those on his own. He learned about a turtle that can climb trees, and he was looking at the various types of drums in the dictionary.
I'm still waiting for him to come to me about the stamp game. I think I will move it to a more prominent place on the shelf and maybe it will become too tempting for him to ignore.

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