Sunday, November 22, 2009

More freebies

Just found a new place for 3-part cards, booklets, and more!! Much more!  Go to ETC is a non-profit organization, and I just downloaded 3-part cards, etc. on almost 18 different subjects for FREE. These cards are beautiful, high quality photos. Getting to the download part was a bit tricky for me. I clicked on add to cart before I realized you have to click on the title of the item to get to the area for the free download.
So load up my Montessori friends. And for those of you who aren't yet certain about Montessori, take a look at those cards. Specifically, take a look at the planets chart, and the leaf cards. Beautiful.
This site also offers a lot of books or albums for teaching specific subjects, and it also lets you take a peek inside these books before you buy.
Check it out. Let me know what you find, and what you think.

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  1. All of us at ETCmontessoti are committed to developing quality products that will best suit your needs as you home school your children using the Montessori Method. Please help us develop materials that will best serve you by taking a quick survey.

    Your input and help are greatly appreciated.